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Croatia Full Of life

Nischad Utbildnings' social media analyst Rickard Eriksson have analyzed the last 3 months of Instagram efforts by Croatia Full Of life. During this time the organization have reached an NU Score* of 81, which is 63 % better than the median.

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Croatia Full Of life

Magical Omiš by @donaldhyip The picturesque town of Omiš is situated at the mouth of the Cetina river, the centre of the Omiš Riviera, and surrounded by small fishing villages with beautiful beaches. In this very small area it is possible to see many cultural and historical sites (churches that…

17 626 interaction points on 216 827 followers
Croatia Full Of life

Romantic Zagreb by @simonaamaric Although a picnic in a park is always a good idea, if you want to add a little bit of history to yours, definitely go for the English garden style park Maksimir! It is the first park in Eastern Europe, which opened in 1794. Since then it has been delighting its…

17 351 interaction points on 216 827 followers

Bad Posts

Croatia Full Of life

Good morning from #winterwonderland by @julienduvalphoto ❄ @npplitvicelakes It is impossible to say whether the park is more beautiful in the spring, when the flowers in its meadows are in full bloom and when the trees have turned green again, or when the riot of autumn colours is reflected in the…

439 interaction points on 216 827 followers
Croatia Full Of life

#Giveaway: Tor, the official mascot of the Men’s EHF EURO 2018 Tor is a Tornjak, a mountain sheep #dog native to Croatia. They are large and powerful dogs, but with a calm temperament. However, when the decision demands it, they are vigilant and on high alert. That almost sounds the like the…

1 406 interaction points on 216 827 followers

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What is the NU Score?

The NU Score (acronym for Nischad Utbildning) is a quality measurement developed by us, Nischad Utbildning. It's a value between 0 and 100, based on the latest 3 months of activity in social media. The NU score is based on the following:

  • Engagement. A measurement of how engaged your followers have been. By engagement we mean liking, commenting or sharing your posts. A comment means more than a simple like, a share means more than a comment.
  • Follower Base. How big is your potential? A big engagement means nothing without a sizeable and relevant audience.
  • Frequency. How often do you post? The social networks' filter algorithms prefer a steady stream of interesting content.

A regular company/organization should have a NU Score of at least 50. A value below 50 tells you something have to be done to improve your social media activities.