Facebook analysis of

Rosenqvist Maskin AB

Nischad Utbildnings' social media analyst Rickard Eriksson have analyzed the last 90 days of Facebook efforts by Rosenqvist Maskin AB. During this time the organization have reached an Appreciation Level* of 0, which is 50 % worse than the average in Sverige.

Interaktioner Per Post
Interactions Per Follower
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Interaktioner per inlägg


The definition of the Appreciation Level

The Appreciation Level is the ability to create relevant and appreciated social content, so good that the followers show an active interest. The (or AL) is calculated based on the number of interactions (likes, comments and shares) per post, divided by the social channel's followers (the potential). The is shown in per mille.

In other words; 45,2 means that every post has been liked, commented on or shared by on average 45,2 per mille (or 4,52 percent of the followers).

This analysis was based on data fetched from Facebook 7 days ago