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Canon Nordic

Nischad Utbildnings' social media analyst Rickard Eriksson have analyzed the last 3 months of Instagram efforts by Canon Nordic. During this time the organization have reached an NU Level* of 74, which is 24 % better than the average in Sverige.

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Stockholms län#46

Successful Posts

Canon Nordic

A new year is dawning☀️ @villepaakkonen was exploring Levi in Finland some days before polar night when he came across this spot. A small easter egg is that the borders of the trees look just like the borders of northern Finland ❄️ #liveforthestory #canonnordic

4 546 interaction points on 34 409 followers
Canon Nordic

Why do we make New Years resolutions that make us stop doing stuff instead of setting goals of doing more in the new year? Let´s do more instead of doing less. Go more out in nature, get more out of our comfort zone or spend more time with someone special. This is the Instagram-famous lake of…

3 493 interaction points on 34 409 followers

Bad Posts

Canon Nordic

Birthdays, halloween, christmas and a lot of other special occasions are coming in the new year. What stories do you want to capture in the next year? Show us on #nextyeariscoming and tag us for a chance to win a Canon M100 camera. The cuteness overload is brought to your feed by @laurapshort and…

768 interaction points on 34 409 followers
Canon Nordic

We’ve found the Christmas spirit with this #nextyeariscoming submission from @satumali

970 interaction points on 34 409 followers

Interaktioner per inlägg

The definition of the Appreciation Level

The Appreciation Level is the ability to create relevant and appreciated social content, so good that the followers show an active interest. The (or AL) is calculated based on the number of interactions (likes, comments and shares) per post, divided by the social channel's followers (the potential). The is shown in per mille.

In other words; 45,2 means that every post has been liked, commented on or shared by on average 45,2 per mille (or 4,52 percent of the followers).

This analysis was based on data fetched from Instagram 5 weeks ago